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Datacard SR300 is a high-volume reverse transfer ID printer that offers double-sided card printing, optional laminator and encoder modules, the ability to print on many card types, standard USB & Ethernet connectivity, a compact footprint, and an affordable price. The SR300 is great for not only producing standard ID cards, but also access control badges with uneven surfaces, such smart cards and proximity cards.

  • Easy-loading 100-card input hopper allows cards to be added during printing
  • Optional Datacard single or double-sided card laminator applies topcoats and security laminates
  • Optional Magnetic Stripe Encoder and Smart Card Encoder
  • Easy-to-read LCD panel
  • High-capacity, easy-to-load ribbon cassette that reduces printer downtime
  • Color-coded retransfer film cassette that simplifies loading
  • Electronic locking system that protects your cards and ribbons
  • Compact design that save desktop space

Retransfer Printing Offers Optimal Image Quality, High Security and Excellent Material Compatibility using the re transfer printing process, the Datacard SR300 uses a standard full color dye film (YMCK) to print an image onto a clear retransfer film in a "reverse image." The image is then laminated onto the plastic card surface. Your printed card is highly protected from scratching and fading by the clear film layer. Retransfer technology also delivers vivid printing with over-the-edge coverage for a wide range of plastic card applications.

The SR300 printer processes cards in landscape orientation to minimize unwanted dye transfer. It also reproduces a wider color gamut than competitive offerings, which improves image gradation, tonal reproduction and image contrast.

Finally, unlike standard ID printers, the SR300 retransfer printer can easily reproduce high-quality images on a wide range of card materials, including PVC, ABS, PET, PET-G and polycarbonate.

Electronic Locks Offers Maximum Printer and ID Data Security Electronic locks control access to cards and ribbons. The SR300 printer also offers the security erase feature, which protects sensitive cardholder data by blocking out black text on used YMCK and YMCKF ribbons.

Offer Easy Printer Operation
An LCD panel provides helpful status updates for operators. The 100-card input hopper can be refilled during printing, allowing continuous card printing. Ribbon and retransfer film cassettes are simple to load.

The Datacard SR300 is also durable enough to offer a lifetime warranty on the printhead.


Print technology:   Dye sublimation retransfer
  One or two-sided printing
  Full-bleed, Over-the-edge card printing
  Full-color images
User Friendly:   Automatic Card Feed
  Easy Access components include quick change ribbon and laminate cassettes
  Reject Card slot
Print Resolution :   300 dots per inch (11.8 dots/mm)
Print speed :   Prints four-color, one-sided card in 36 seconds
  Print four-color two-side card in 66 seconds
Card capacity :  Input and output hoppers: up to 100 cards 0.030 in. (0.76 mm)
Security features :   IPsec encrypted networking security
  Security erase of black panel text on YMCK ribbons
Durability features :   2 layers of InTM
  Laminate Patches :
  • 0.5 and 1.0 mil clear patches
  • 0.6 and 1.0 mil holo patches or custom holo patches
Lamination transfer speed :  Laminates one-sided card in 75 seconds
Physical dimensions :  Printers: L 12.7 in. x W 13.5 in. x H 13.2 in. (322 mm x 343 mm x 335 mm)
  Laminators: L 13.0 in. x W 8.3 in. x H 14.1 in. (330 mm x 210 mm x 360 mm)
Printer weight   29.5 lbs. (13.4 kg)
Laminator weight  24.3 lbs (11.0 kg)
Warranty  24-month standard depot warranty
  Lifetime printhead warranty

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